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This web-site seeks to showcase the work of a loose association of photographers with varied interests in photography. We seek to present the best quality images possible. What is presented here is the finished image. The original may have come from a digital RAW or jpeg, a 'wet film' negative or transparency or even a glass plate negative. We believe that the original image is merely a starting point for making the finished picture. Those finished images may involve more than one original, or a mixture of various media. The aim is always to achieve the best possible finished result. A paradoxical exception may be an image that has been degraded to simulate an image from an earlier era. In each case, the original lends itself to such treatment.

Whilst we make these images for our own enjoyment and personal satisfaction, we hope that visitors to the site enjoy our work. We aim to add new images regularly to keep the site fresh.

This website is a showcase and not intended as a commercial venture. It may be that you do not find here what you are looking for, but suspect that we might have it. If, therefore, you have any queries about specific subjects that you think we might cover, please e-mail us.

If you have any suggestions as to changes to a particular image, then please let us know. Similarly, please contact us if you have a specific project or commission in mind.

We are available for specific commissions and can cover most areas of photography, but we specialise in aircraft and other transport subjects, including aerial photography, architectural work, technical imaging and portraiture. Post-shooting work is also a speciality and we can provide all types of enhancements including composite images, RAW conversions, restoration of damaged prints and special effects. Please e-mail us to discuss your requirements. (Please note that we do not do weddings or underwater photography).

Electronic Media

We will only accept requests for full-resolution images in electronic format from bona fide publishers or similar organisations. Any such requests should be e-mailed to us and the fee will be subject to mutual agreement.

Enjoy the site,

Fly-by-Light Photography